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"a cluster of leaves..."

like our ancestors who started writing on leaves, so shall i...
*in a manner of speaking, of course... ;p*


green grass

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i wonder, is the grass greener on the other side??!!

came upon this rather inquisitive red ant while i was rummaging for some food. obviously, i had competition! but, of course, i had the upper hand (both literally and figuratively)!

fortunately, before he could get to my sandwhich, i had already gobbled it all up (sooo unlady-like, i know . . .tsk.tsk.tsk!)!!! well, except for a few crumbs here and there... which i know would make him happy!

but, no . . . i had to clean the table. wouldn't want to encourage him and his kind to just go and make a beeline for the table everytime there's food there!!!

so . . . is the grass greener on the other side? most probably, for the red ant. :o)

**obviously, our house doesn't support a high level of cleanliness . . . just the average level** LOL

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