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"a cluster of leaves..."

like our ancestors who started writing on leaves, so shall i...
*in a manner of speaking, of course... ;p*


musing...macro life Thursday, August 31 |

pink tinged

uncropped, increased warm tint, sharpened

have you ever wondered what a tiny ant really looks like? well, i have...lol.
ever since i first chanced upon our encyclopedia (yup, those 26 hard-bound, heavy thick books with the super thin pages inside) and viewed those awesome macro (didn't know they called it macro, back then...) film shots (yup, no digital cams back then!), i got hooked!

trying to capture awesome macro shots is one of my dreams, but that has to wait, since it is an expensive hobby! hahaha...
for now, i have to be content with what my camera can manage...

ps. interesting, the result i got when i googled macro...the link here. :o)

bud... Monday, August 28 |

one bud

one bud...

loads of possibilities. :o)

it's the start of the "working" week..

always good to be on the positive side of things, right?

spider Friday, August 25 |


spider on our floor...

you know, i am not much of a fan when it comes to living with creepy-crawlies, but i was kind of glad i found this spider on our floor..

just shows that even if we do live in an urban area, creepy crawlies still do manage to survive the constant terror of being sprayed upon {with toxic substances}, or being squashed to death...Or maybe this shot just confirms the fact that i am not that nitty-picky when it comes to cleanliness... LoL!! :D

{actually, this spider is just about 3/4th of an inch..still, don't let them get near me, please...!! *shudder*}

lucky night shot Wednesday, August 23 |

mall of asia

that's the big ball thingy over at the Mall of Asia,
while the lights beyond, i think, that's at Roxas Boulevard...

malls are like huge magnets, aren't they?

{was at the east parking area, fifth floor}

continuation... Sunday, August 20 |


still fascinated with "baybayin" ( or alibata ) ...

had to change blog address...

don't know why, but suddenly i got these

annoying pop-ups everytime

i log on to my page!

*keeping my fingers crossed, and hoping that those pop-ups won't follow me here!!!*

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