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"a cluster of leaves..."

like our ancestors who started writing on leaves, so shall i...
*in a manner of speaking, of course... ;p*


xmas2006 Friday, December 22 |

christmas 2006

**nativity scene**

i know ... i know ... i just uploaded an entry yesterday ... and here i am again! :D

but, will be leaving tomorrow morning and won't be back till the 26th (but if i have time, will definitely try and visit your posts!), so ... decided to greet you all:


in advance. ;P

**that's a nativity scene from the same christmas program as the previous shot/entry (those ballerinas) ... i think they're adorable! ;)

here's a bit of christmas music ...

( if the music irritates you, just click the pause (║) symbol ... lol )

We Wish You A Merry Christmas by Kenny G

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flit Thursday, December 21 |

*i flit ... and i float*

didn't get to leave last monday ... but loads of thanks for the well-wishers! :)
got sick... oh well. doing better now, thanks to the antibiotics! hahaha ... :D

that just means we will be going to my in-law's place this weekend ... and we'll be staying there till the 26th, i guess. i can just imagine the FOOD ....


**btw, took that shot last week while watching a christmas program. had a hard (and fun!) time taking shots because of the low light situation and all those movements ... well, what could i have expected ... they were pre-school and elementary students! ;P


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travel Saturday, December 16 |

*it has arrived ...*

yeah, will be on a short vacation (just around two weeks) two days from now ...

honestly, don't feel like leaving ... in fact, am not feeling that well!

but, this is one of those "obligatory" vacations ... LOL

hey, am not complaining! in fact, i love going on vacations ...
anyway, the tickets are already here, and am sure that when we arrive there the clean air will help me get better faster. ;P

**took that shot at the metrotren station ... forgive the grainy shot, had to use my phonecam (not sure if taking pictures is allowed there; had to be discreet. lol), and it was such a cloudy and rainy day.


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sleepy Thursday, December 14 |

**children's party**

attended a children's christmas party last weekend ... it was pretty noisy, as expected. lol.
and of course, Santa just had to be there! that's not santa on the picture, though ... just another mascot named Hoggy, i think. :D

... and the gifts, too!

nope, i didn't get any (gifts), except for the satisfaction of taking everybody else's picture. it is fun taking candid shots of people, specially children. and animals. and bugs. but that's another story. lol. :D

enjoy the day, everyone!

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morning Sunday, December 10 |

** one early morning ...**

i've no idea when is/was the full moon, but the moon that morning ( yeah, morning... ) was kind of beautiful.

it was just there ... accompanied by a stray cloud.

i just had to take it's picture, of course. lol. ;P

*this will be a short post, btw. already past 2am ... drowsy already. nyt-nyt!

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pieces Wednesday, December 6 |

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

**fragmented ... maybe**

took this shot around a week ago while we were passing this area (Manila Bay, at Baywalk), on the way to my in-law's place. i was in the car. turned out a bit decent. then decided to butcher it using photoshop. lol.

actually, that "man" sitting there is just a statue. no person in his right mind would sit there at that hour (around past 3pm)! he'd be fried to a crisp! lol. :D

but at night, this area gets to be quite crowded ... this is quite a long strip. you can dine al fresco here, while listening to a couple or so of bands performing. haven't tried it yet, but have passed by here during night time a few times. it's kind of far from my place. ;)

*sorry, was gone for a long long time. got kind of busy. will visit your posts asap today! :)

enjoy the week!!

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