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"a cluster of leaves..."

like our ancestors who started writing on leaves, so shall i...
*in a manner of speaking, of course... ;p*


stickfigure runaway Sunday, October 29 |

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**stick-figure thingy**

an alien on our gate!!! :D

made this a couple of hours ago ... took me almost an hour ... hahaha ... mediocre attempt at animation. but i guess much better than being bored! lol ... :D

haven't had the chance to go out of the house for the past few ... days. well, to be honest, those days can be summed up into weeks! haha. yeah, that's why i've had more time/days to surf the 'net and look around for something "new"!

found this FREE (magic word!!) software two days ago, it's called Pivot Stickfigure Animator. had lots of fun with it ... and this upload today is my second try. if you want to look at my first try, click here ... hahaha, assuming too much that i might pique your curiosity! ;P

and yeah, this is the original background picture. took that when i looked up and happened to see an airplane passing by ...

enjoy your weekend! :o)

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plok! Thursday, October 26 |



yesterday's shot.

it's been raining on and off since yesterday ... and today it has been cloudy with lots of drizzles. kind of nice ... not that hot. :o)

we were supposed to go on a vacation, starting today, but ... first, i got sick, then my young 'un got chicken pox! oh well ... better now than later! hahaha ... good thing it's their semestral break! he's got two weeks to heal ... ;P

so here we are at home ... doing nothing. and getting bored! hahaha ...

hopefully, by next week we can go somewhere. like to the park, or go out of town ... haha. wishful thinking. but who knows ... just might come true! :o)

hope your week's much better than mine!
stay safe and healthy, everyone! :o)

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hahaha ... Monday, October 23 |



Had a good laugh when i first read that .... :o)

... also had a fun time doing that shot ... the drop and the effects ... came out weird, but that's ok. hahaha ... :D

Anyway, i was tagged by Ate Cha, so ... here goes!

1. How often do you blog?

Well, have to admit, i don't blog daily ... would have loved to, but other not-so-important things take so much of my time ... lol. :D

2. online alias

maiylah ...

3. Have you ever stood up for someone you hardly knew?

would voting for somebody whose views i admire, count? if yes, then ... it's a YES. hehehe ...

4. What do you do most often when you are bored?

take shots of anything and everything ... hahaha. then download them on the computer.

5. When bathing which do you wash first?

hahaha! guess same answer as yours, ate cha! dunno why, too ... maybe because when i was really young that was the first thing to do, in the "bathing ritual". ;P

6. Have you ever been awake for 48 hours ?

yeah ... hahaha. and you know why? had to watch over a herd of cows!! LOL.. :D

7. What color looks best on you?

hmmm ... dark blue, i think. anthing dark! yeah, makes me look thinner. ;P

8. What's your favorite alcoholic drink ?

i like vodka ... tequila's nice, too. though it has been eons since i've tasted those! beer's ok. hahaha ... walang pili!

9. Do you believe in heaven and hell as a real place that each of us will go to after death?

that's tough, but i guess the bottomline is ... i do. though each of us may have different views of what heaven and hell really looks/feels like.

10. Do you find that you have more online friends than offline friends??

no ... sadly enough. would love to meet more friends here in the 'net! just don't have the time, though ...

11. What was your favorite subject in school?

English and Science ... weird combination, i think. lol ... :D

12. Are you a prefectionist?

sadly, yes ... got that from my mom, i guess. trying to "unlearn" this trait ...

13. Do you spend more than you can afford?

fortunately, no. i try to keep off spending more than i really need ... that's why i don't bring loads of cash when going out. no credit cards for me, either! lol ... ;p

14. Is it better to have loved and lost than never to have loved before?

yeah, i guess so ... though it must really hurt if that happens to me. though honestly, am not so sure if i'll say the same thing if that happens to me!

15. Do you consider yourself creative?

just a teeny-weeny bit, yes. :o)

16. Do you give yourself the credit you deserve?

dunno. maybe not. but that's fine by me. don't think much about such things. hehehe ...

17. Do you donate time or money to charities?

yes, i do ... though just the financial part.

18. Have you recently done something to yourself that you criticized others for doing ?

hmmmm ... nope, i don't think so ...

19. What's on your mind right now?

roasted garlic and shrimp pizza from yellow cab and cafe latté from starbucks. hahaha! :D

20. Say one nice thing about the people who tagged you and the people you are going to tag?

Seems like Ate Cha and i share the same interests, like books and cooking (though i don't cook such exotic dishes like she does). oohh ... those are nice things, right? *silly grin*

luv ya, ate cha! huggzzz!

Now, am not going to tag anyone ... really no idea who to pass this on to, so i guess this meme will end with me ... sorry about that. hope the original creator wouldn't be too disappointed! ;P


wondering why ... Friday, October 20 |


**kids and soldiers**

political unrest never seems to die down ...

once a problem has been solved, another one crops up so fast you never knew what hit you! hahaha ...

but i guess that is ... ... ... what? am stumped. sign of a dynamic economy? LOL

oh, yeah, that picture is a macro of a Philippine five hundred peso bill ... the same bill that i used earlier today for our lunch. had food delivered ... ;p

so sorry can't stay long ... i still tire easily. but i'll definitely be doing the rounds!

tomorrow's already a weekend ... yes!!! stay safe and happy, all!! :o)

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at the movies... Tuesday, October 17 |


*a weekend thing ...*

yup, this is a usual weekend thing, for some.

we were supposed to go somewhere last weekend, too, but i guess the Friday the 13th thing got me ... i should have knocked on wood, like what Kriszti did! :o)

hahaha ... actually, i had the flu that Friday!

{not bird flu, mind you ... or else i'd be a goner now! hahaha}

tsk. tsk. tsk... but am doing fine now.


well, not actually that well, yet, but am getting there... ;P

hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

**took this shot a few weekends ago, while sipping coffee and thinking if we were going to watch a movie, or not.. the coffee tasted terrible, so we left and ate at a restaurant instead! hahaha...

interested in what i had? here's a simple collage. ;p

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chirps Thursday, October 12 |



saw these birds earlier today ... outside our window.

normally we see only the sparrow, and the center bird there (i don't know it's name..ugh!) ... the last bird i normally don't see around our area. or maybe am just not that observant enough! lol.

it's color isn't that noticeable, so i guess when perched on a tree it just blends well. good camouflage, huh?! however, i think i may have seen the same bird, when it was younger ... here's the shot .

it's wonderful to know that here in the city there are still different bird species freely roaming the area ... i guess it's also because we are near two parks; a city and a university park. pretty lucky, for us. :o)

thank heavens it's already friday tomorrow!!! yikes ... it is friday the 13th!!! LOL. :D

take care, friends!

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cleanliness Tuesday, October 10 |


cleaning the university's lagoon park

there wasn't really much litter around (thanks heavens!), but it is wonderful to know cleanliness is still being maintained at a regular basis ... :)

unlike some places i've seen ... :(

... and yeah, this is where i also took that humongous ant shot. lol.

**here's a collage of some of the shots i took that day... i know i didn't do justice to the park.. will try better next time!

take care, everyone!

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meme2 Friday, October 6 |

ants ...

these ants look like they could stop and listen to music...

I've been tagged by Ate Cha ... yup, another meme again. ;p

this one's quite simple, really : just name seven songs in my playlist.
(but really, it's not that simple...i've got loads of music in my playlist, some are already kind of 'ancient' ... i seldom remove the old ones. LOL)

here goes: do click on the title if you want to hear the music .. :)
{though sometimes i must admit the site becomes unstable ... then it's impossible to listen! lol}

Something Stupid.mp3 - that's a duet by Nicole Kidman and Robbie Williams; the original song was sung by Frank Sinatra ... love the playful banter.

if i keep my heart out of sight.mp3 - by James Taylor; i actually heard James Taylor when i was quite small... am sure some of you haven't even heard of him! hahahaha...

smile.mp3 - by Nat King Cole ... yeah... really really way back when ... !!!

Hesus ng Aking Buhay.mp3 - Filipino song, sung by a group called Himig Heswita;this is a religious (Roman Catholic) song. music for an ever questioning soul ... like mine! ;p

Let Her Go.mp3 - this one's from Craig David ... i do like his style. got some of his cds ...

Kumot At Unan.mp3 - sung by another Filipino group called APO Hiking Society ... really also another oldie! saw this cd and since it was on sale... lol. i like their beat here ...

and last, but definitely not the least:

this one's Eternity, by Robbie Williams ... love that last part in the video, where his voice just kind of "slipped", then that really boyish smile. lol. :D

there ... these are some of the songs in my playlist!
now, if it's all right with you ... Krisz, can i tag you??? you can post it at your other blogs, not at your DP blog. ;)))
if not, i really do understand ... *sob.* ROFL
your call, Krisz! :o)

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playing ... Monday, October 2 |

playing with fire...


Due to the typhoon "Milenyo" (international codename Xangsane), we experienced brown-outs . . . and that means no computers, television, internet . . . but that doesn't mean i can't play with my camera, though (good thing i had a fresh set of charged batteries!!) . . .

. . . and what else should i be taking pictures of, but the candle!

i think i should have taken shots of another object, though, since look what came out! LOL

*i hope you see the weird shape on the wick, there . . . eerie!!

**i really should be thankful that our area wasn't really that badly damaged; in fact, power was restored after a mere 12 hours, compared to other areas wherein power was restored after 30 hours!

***for additional info: do click here.

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