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"a cluster of leaves..."

like our ancestors who started writing on leaves, so shall i...
*in a manner of speaking, of course... ;p*


birthday Tuesday, March 27 |

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somebody's birthday today ....
nope, not mine.

... but eating this was pure heaven! :)

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boring Wednesday, March 21 |

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boredom ...



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midnight pulse Thursday, March 15 |

imagine that ... almost midnight and look at the traffic!

guess it's because this is near one of the hot "night spots", the Baywalk.
there you can find live bands, dining alfresco, ice cream (yup, yup, yup!),
and it's located literally along Manila Bay. well, you can just imagine the smells there! :D

i didn't mind the traffic, really. gave me a chance to get this shot!

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breakfast Sunday, March 11 |

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did an experiment last week ...

after eating breakfast one time in one of the fast food chains
located in the neighborhood,
i got thinking: are there any "regulars" here?

so the next day, we ate breakfast there again ...
and guess what?
the answer: YES!

i guess some people just don't have the time to cook their own
breakfast anymore.
or maybe they don't have access to a kitchen (you think?).
or maybe .... nah! too many possible reasons.

it's their life.
besides, i don't think i did a more in-depth experiment
will eat breakfast there again ...

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taekwondo Tuesday, March 6 |

taekwondo promotion test ...

had lots of fun taking shots ... though getting good shots was quite a challenge since the place wasn't that well-lit, and i didn't want to use my camera's flash ( i might distract the students ).
some did use their camera's flash, though. but not me ... lol.

watched this last weekend. :)

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