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"a cluster of leaves..."

like our ancestors who started writing on leaves, so shall i...
*in a manner of speaking, of course... ;p*


fledgeling ... Friday, September 29 |

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fledg·ling also fledge·ling (flej-ling)
1. A young bird that has recently acquired its flight feathers.
2. A young or inexperienced person.
New and untried or inexperienced: a fledgling enterprise.

yup, am still a fledgeling when it comes to this craft : paper filigree or quilling.

started on this just this week, but got the stuffs months ago . . . talk about procrastination, huh?! ;p
initially, only wanted to make some circles, but i think i tightened the roll too much, so i had to be "creative". . . forced to make the chick-look-alike there . . .
then i moved on to making the sun . . . got some wonderful samples from this site.
i think chandni's a member there . . . :)

this hobby's definitely here to stay, for me!
might be making some for the Christmas season . . . yeah, for me it's never too early to start, specially with this type of craft! lol . . .

safe and happy weekend, everyone!

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happy Thursday, September 21 |


**don't they (the couple) look happy together?**

was at this district, playing with my camera's settings (chose red as the color accent)..

i wanted to see what "red" colors i could pick up along this area..and boy, i think i got lucky!...i got the "STOP" sign! LOL

**yeah, no photoshop in this shot...

green grass Monday, September 18 |

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i wonder, is the grass greener on the other side??!!

came upon this rather inquisitive red ant while i was rummaging for some food. obviously, i had competition! but, of course, i had the upper hand (both literally and figuratively)!

fortunately, before he could get to my sandwhich, i had already gobbled it all up (sooo unlady-like, i know . . .tsk.tsk.tsk!)!!! well, except for a few crumbs here and there... which i know would make him happy!

but, no . . . i had to clean the table. wouldn't want to encourage him and his kind to just go and make a beeline for the table everytime there's food there!!!

so . . . is the grass greener on the other side? most probably, for the red ant. :o)

**obviously, our house doesn't support a high level of cleanliness . . . just the average level** LOL

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open ... Thursday, September 14 |

gout/coral plant bud

this is what i found inside those buds* . . .

surprises come in big and small packages...

well, i found mine inside these buds!

life is beautiful, with the right attitude and frame of mind.

(i believe i read that somewhere...lol)

*from the previous upload.


coral/gout plant Monday, September 11 |

gout plant buds

would you believe i first got the "mother" of this plant seven years ago? ;p

since then, this plant has "moved" together with us ...
sometimes we have in our possessions stuffs which we care enough to bring with us, wherever we go. like a treasured wall clock, a humongous cabinet, or in our place, this kind of insignificant-looking gout plant.

here's hoping our treasured plant will thrive well, living in the city! ;p

full circle Friday, September 8 |

full moon

lots of individual thoughts have been written about the moon...

i don't know much ... all i know is that it has always been way up there; sometimes visible, and sometimes not (visible).

kind of like a reassuring sight.

ps. pardon the grainy shot ... took that shot earlier today (08sept2006), at around 2:01AM (yup, i was still awake at that time! LoL)

**no cropping, used maximum zoom ~both the optical and digial zoom!~ then did a bit of sharpening and highlighting...**

happy and safe weekend, everyone! :o)

bubble Tuesday, September 5 |

bubble fly

{cropped, sharpened, made into a collage}

First i posted a shot of a spider ... now, a fly!

i wonder what's next??!! lol. :D

anyway, this is the nearest i could get, using super macro mode... actually, i just wanted to take some multiple shots of the fly... so i was really amused when i saw the results! no wonder the fly didn't notice me ~ he was busy!

i wonder what the fly is doing ... regurgitating? *eeeewww!*

blowing a balloon for a party? i hope so ... :o)

golden Friday, September 1 |

yesterday's sunset

yesterday's sunset...

the last couple of days has been torture...

pardon me for the too dramatic description,

but humid nights really isn't something

i'd care to experience!

i guess given the choice between a rainy and humid night,

i'd choose rainy night/day anytime!

*chuckles ... silly statement there!*

don't mind me much... i get these silly outbursts most of the time!


safe and happy weekend, everyone! :o)

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