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"a cluster of leaves..."

like our ancestors who started writing on leaves, so shall i...
*in a manner of speaking, of course... ;p*


tiger Tuesday, February 27 |

a sign that summer is almost here ... unless it's here already!

went to a local zoo last weekend ...
the place could've been better ... bigger space for the animals!
i didn't notice any thin ones though, and am thankful for that. :)

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shot Thursday, February 22 |

taking a shot of someone taking
shot ...

last weekend,
at the
2007 world light expo
(same venue as the
previous upload, btw ...)

we went in too early ...

they weren't done with the
preparations yet. lol

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fire pig Monday, February 19 |

Happy Chinese New Year!

a day late, but ... ;P
... it's the year of the fire pig, i think ...

... shot taken last weekend, a couple of hours before the actual new year's day (Feb18th).

interesting stuff i found out, taken from this site:
" ... people believe it is bad luck to eat rice porridge for breakfast on the first day of the new year. If you choose to do so, you will get wet when you go out during the year, according to local folklore. "

nope, am not Chinese (well, not that i know of ... lol) but some Chinese ways have slowly been incorporated in our culture ... like the practice of feng shui. well, not all practice it, but you can hear advices every now and then ... besides, wouldn't hurt to follow it, if you can. :)

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no roses Tuesday, February 13 |

interesting .... NO ROSES?! ;P
or maybe it's just hidden there somewhere.

but i wasn't really there to buy roses ... i was more interested in the african daisies and the sunflower.
that is a sunflower, right? lol. :D

had fun taking shots of the flowers that i bought ... here are some samples.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

it is going to be valentine's day tomorrow ... happy hearts day!

ps. am not really so much into it ... just happy that it's another excuse to celebrate! lol

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delights Friday, February 9 |

can you get any sweeter than this?! ;P

bought a box after watching a movie ... nope, it wasn't a lovey-dovey show.
just felt like i had to taste "some", when i saw their display.
and i'd like to add: it was on sale since they were almost closing. LOL

tasted so sinfully delicious, even if it stayed inside the refrigerator for days!
lol ...

**i ate most of it, if i remember correctly. ;D

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eyes Tuesday, February 6 |

the eyes says it all, huh?! ;P

these guys were doing the "love dance" ...
didn't stay long to watch since it was almost sundown.

love is in the air ...

"humming ..."

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sshhhh Friday, February 2 |

ssshhhh .... the pigeon's taking a nap. ;)

took this pigeon shot after we bought books at this floating book fair, the MV Doulos.
(click on the picture for a bigger view, if you want ... i would suggest it, though ... lol)

we arrived there (at the pier) way ahead of time, but still, there were already a few families ahead of us. good thing we arrived early ... when it was time to go inside, we couldn't see the end of the line!

guess we shouldn't have scheduled our trip there on a weekend ... but it was worth it!**

**if you ask me, though, any trip to a book store is always worth it! lol. :P

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