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"a cluster of leaves..."

like our ancestors who started writing on leaves, so shall i...
*in a manner of speaking, of course... ;p*


yesterday's shot Monday, April 30 |

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good book,
awesome view,
peace and quiet,
hot drink (or a cool one!)
soft cool breeze ....

and all the time in the world.
what more could you ask for?

(aside from world peace and all that stuff, of course ... lol)

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bluish Tuesday, April 24 |

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ahhhh .... love the space and the freedom it promises!

i always love the feeling when we go out of the city ... it means something different is going to happen;

new experiences, new sceneries ... and best of all: to be away from the never-ending household chores!

LOL ... :D

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much needed rest Thursday, April 19 |

went here last weekend ...
had a short and sweet rest.
now it's back to reality! ;D

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butterfly macro Tuesday, April 10 |

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last weekend ... :)

nope, that photographer yonder isn't me (or course! hehehe ...)

but we were really happy to be outside and taking pictures!


slideshow-like thingy Monday, April 2 |

was browsing through the 'net when i saw this site.
decided to make myself this slideshow-like thingy, then uploaded it here after i finished it (which was around half an hour later...). LOL ... :D
had fun making it.

clicking on the picture above will bring you to another window and from there you click on the shots again and try moving the pictures around, to view them. :)

a safe and fun week to all! :)

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lovey-dovey Sunday, April 1 |

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you think so??!!

personally, i hope they stay in love
for always.

sounds tough, but not impossible.
i think.


PS. just found out: it's april 1st ...
April Fool's Day! LOL :D
nothing to do with my upload, ok? ;P

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