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"a cluster of leaves..."

like our ancestors who started writing on leaves, so shall i...
*in a manner of speaking, of course... ;p*


fallen Tuesday, November 28 |

**fallen stars**

went last weekend to the Mall of Asia (again, i know... sigh), since my mother-in-law wanted to buy some household appliances. i like going there because of the photo-opportunities available; but i was told by one of the guards one time that taking pictures is actually not allowed! hahaha. :D

i didn't listen, obviously ... besides, there weren't any "no camera" and "no picture-taking" signs. or maybe i haven't seen them yet. hahaha. so in the meantime, i'll keep on "snapping". :D

took this shot at the fourth floor parking lot, while we were about to leave ... i just couldn't resist the sunset. those stars were just a wonderful bonus. :)

you know what, those stars are actually "parol". lots and lots of them. ;P

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proof ... Friday, November 24 |


this is the brown shrike that i was waiting for!
but, i took these shots around a week ago ... still, i think it's worthy of a post. hahaha ... ;P

i first read at wikipedia, while researching about them ( i just had to know a bit about them, shouldn't i? ), that shrikes impale their prey on thorns ...!!!

i thought ... what?!

then i saw what this bird did ... trying to impale his breakfast into that twig! i guess there is a lack of thorns around our area, so he/she has to make do with what's around. unfortunately, he/she didn't succeed; left instead. hopefully, the prey was eaten instead of cast aside.

interested about that fact? click here, please.

haven't seen that bird for a few days now ... am missing him/her. :o)

enjoy your weekend!

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light ... Tuesday, November 21 |

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
** swaying **

couldn't resist posting this ... ;P

not really a wonderful photo, but it expresses what i felt earlier this morning ...

i was waiting for the brown shrike ( the bird ) to make his/her customary rounds on our cable wires and our neighbor's trees for his/her morning meal, when i looked up and saw the light and shadows on the palm trees. it was around 6:46AM ...

the air felt crisp and clean ... and i could hear the sparrows chattering. incessantly.

the wonderful feeling made my day! ... and i just had to take a shot of something to represent what i felt.

didn't see the brown shrike today. guess i was too early. :o)
or too late. lol.

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stars Monday, November 20 |

**bamboo star skeletons**

saw these bamboo stars along the highway last weekend ...
another sign that Christmas is fast approaching!

... and i still haven't started on my Christmas shopping yet!
still no decorations on our house, either; though some neighbors are quite eager and have already put up their Christmas lights.

i have no qualms with that. in fact, i think it makes the place look cheerful! :)

pretty soon, those bamboo skeletons will be made into parols.
interested what parols are, and how they are made ... and what they might look like?
(whew...that sounded like a mouthful! for me, at least...lol)
well, click here, please ...

**so sorry about not logging in, during the past week. got side-tracked with some not-so-important things in my life! lol ... :o)

enjoy the week!

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haiku ... Monday, November 13 |

*sigh ... *

was browsing through some haiku poems a while ago ...
really interesting!

kind of leaves you hanging ... lol.

i know ani and chandni make some awesome poems, too!

wish i could do the same, but ... seems impossible. ;P

you know, some poems just get to the core ... :)


**for a brief definition and origin of haiku, click here.

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storm ... Friday, November 10 |

**drops, and drops ... and drops**

seems there's another storm coming our way ...
Queenie (international name is Chebi, which means swallow in Korean).

hmmm ... looks like it's going to be another waterlogged weekend for us ... :S

oh, well.
i just hope it wouldn't be as strong as the last two, Cimaron and Xangsane.

stay safe and happy everyone!! enjoy your weekend! :)

**additional info about the storm here.

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Manila Bay Wednesday, November 8 |

**Manila Bay**

yeah, went there last weekend ...

took this shot from the Mall of Asia which, i just found out, is the third largest shopping mall in the world, when it comes to floor size ... :o
regarding that line of cars ... well, they are parked there because ... hahaha, i really dunno why. the parking area inside the mall wasn't full when we got there ... i guess parking outside the mall is free. lol. :D

it was pretty hot when i took this shot (around past two in the afternoon), so only one person is visible there. but believe me, when the sun went down ... gosh, i was amazed at the number of people there! i wanted to take a shot at the sunset, but i got stuck at a software store. oh well ... better luck next time! ;P

some more views of the Bay also taken at the mall ... here and here.

enjoy the rest of the week!! :)

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window view Friday, November 3 |

** sunset view**

this view is from a window at my sister's house ... where i used to sleep.

nah, it's really not that picturesque, ( or is it? hahaha ) ... i just used the zoom feature ... blocking out all the other scenes. well, some houses ( roofs, mostly ), office buildings, some more giant antennaes, billboards, and trees are part of the scene ... i just thought i'd zero in on the sunset ... ;P

i just loved the view from the house where we stayed two years ago, though ... at Mendez, Cavite ... interested about the view from the living room window? just click here.

thought about posting a view from one of our windows after Kris posted hers. :)

safe and happy weekend to all!!

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love the variety Wednesday, November 1 |

**macro shots**

really am thankful for the variety ...

some shots were more difficult to take ( like the red insect there ... i had a hard time crouching on the ground and following that little guy!! boy, i never realized he could move that fast! hahaha ) while the others were ... hmmm. just lucky shots? lol ... :D

i hope that they'll still be around ( and healthy! ) even after a couple or so hundreds of years later ... some of them we'd like to swat and/or spray with toxic substances, but hey, i guess they are also needed in the ecosystem! hmmm ... i wonder of what use the mosquitoes are ... yeah, food for the frogs! ;P

feel so lucky ( and thankful!! ) to have seen these guys and taken their picture! :o)
nature is really interesting stuff ... for me, that is! lol ... :D

enjoy the rest of the week!!

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